Thursday, May 19, 2011

Expecting boy #2... Baby Shower Prep

Yep, another baby boy is on its way and it's time for our baby shower...
After our ultrasound appointment, I came home with a few nice 3-D prints of our new baby and started thinking on how I could incorporate them into the shower...  My inspiration for the party invite came from photo booth strips, so I put three images lined in a row and adorned it with a yellow and white polka dot frame. The shower was planned for the spring (although where I live it feels like winter ALL the time!), so yellow was a fitting choice for a fresh and sunny Sunday brunch.

I liked the look of the invitation and decided to carry this black-white-yellow color combination throughout the decoration. I wasn't so sure if it was going to work until I found these great cupcake liners at Etsy.  Happy. Very happy mamma.
I wrapped chocolate bonbons in yellow fabric and tied them with a mix of polka dot, stripe and solid black and white ribbons.
I have this wire "pregnant lady" dress form since my first pregnancy.  Adding a black and white ribbon plus a yo-yo ponytail holder makes it look fresh and new again :-)
These cute paper pinwheels were made using double-sided scrapbook paper, floral wire, buttons and a barbecue skewer. Instructions are at the end of this post.
Developing the (bilingual) menu... 
I printed baby pictures of me and Mr. B in black and white and framed them in yellow polka dots for an eye-catching centerpiece.
 My homemade granola stars in another baby shower brunch.  Recipe here. 
This time around, I will use it as party favors and distributed the granola among small spice jars.  Since most of the guests at the shower will be Brazilian, I made labels saying "Homemade Granola. Thank you!!" in Portuguese and added a small ribbon to each.
Another use for the sonogram prints - sparkling juice "labels", printed on adhesive paper and cut using scallop scissors.
An old and forgotten wood box gained new life after a couple coats of paint :-)
I had some super cute fabric appliqués from Etsy to be ironed on baby clothes and thought it would be a neat idea to have my friends "do the work" for me :-) As I mentioned before, I am not a fan of baby shower games, but in this case, not only I would end up with a keepsake from each of my guests, it would be up to them to customize (or not) a bodysuit or shirt on their own time during the party.  To display the pieces, I wanted to set up a "laundry-like" area complete with an ironing board and clothespins. To go with the event color pattern, I painted the clothespins yellow and added some white dots to them.
As I did for his big brother's shower, I enlarged the print invitation and framed it so guests could write baby (no name yet...) a message.  I gathered colorful markers in a used condiment jar and added a label with instructions both in English and Portuguese.
The buffet ready to accommodate the drinks.  Stay tuned for Part II of this post, with more details of the party. See ya!!

Pinwheels How-To
(adapted from here - with great step-by-step pictures!)
You'll need:
scrapbook or construction paper
push pin or other fine piercing object
hole punch
wooden skewers/dowel
floral wire
Fold your paper lengthwise, and then again, to make 4 squares. Cut along those lines. Working with each square at a time, cut a slit from each corner, stopping before getting to the center. Punch holes in one corner of each of these "triangles". Use your pushpin to punch a hole in the middle of the square. Fold your floral wire in half and thread a button into it. Start (loosely) folding the paper aligning the corner holes over the middle hole & hold them in place.  Once you have all four folded in, poke the two ends of the floral wire into the hold and pull through. Put your dowel or skewer through the two pieces of floral wire. Twist close to the dowel and then wrap the remaining wire around the dowel.

Para uma versão em português da festa, clique aqui.

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