Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Black, White & Yellow Baby Shower Brunch

Table set, food getting warmed up and ready, dog waiting for crumbs to fall his way and a big proud big brother smile welcome the day and you to this post! (which would be better enjoyed if you go grab your cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea to sip while you read on.  Go ahead, we'll wait :-)
Glad I got to snap this shot before his "Only Child, Big Brother" t-shirt from Cafe Press got all covered up in chocolate.
Yes, I admit it.  I thought about such details as our outfits for the shower...  Got Mr. B this awesome "I Make Great Babies" shirt at Etsy and dressed myself using the colors of the event :-)

This was the first thing I started working on after deciding it was going to be a brunch baby shower.  I grabbed my computer and went on searching and bidding on retro coffee percolators/urns.  Got this lovely vintage art deco coffee urn from eBay and awaited for it patiently (well, not so much, I was checking the tracking number daily until it got here!)
Hot water, milk

Organic Chocolate Milk, Vanilla-Caramel Iced Latte, Cinnamon-Crème Iced Latte

Sparkling fruit juice with the sonogram labels (for more on that, see the previous post, about the "party prep")
My pregnant dress form all prepped up!
Tangerine Mimosas
Passion Fruit Juice
The beverage "bar"

Smoked turkey mini sausages and scrambled cage-free eggs
Pick your weapon!
Homemade Curried Chicken & Prune Savory Puff Pastries
Ricotta & Spinach, Brie & Apricot Pastries
Cinnamon, Raisin & Cardamom-spiced Apple Puffs

I always get asked about this vintage-inspired revolving candy jar from Brasil.  My dear-amazing-super-cool mom brought it for me years ago in her carry-on suitcase. It's a replica, but I'd LOVE to find an original one as well...
Mini (cute!) versions of me and Mr. B.
Cupcake liners waiting to be filled with very tasty tangerine and mixed berries muffins made by my friend Mil
And here they are!!
She is so cute, she even coordinated the muffin flavors (tangerine) to the party theme and décor...

Homemade granola (recipe here) in small spice jars as party favors

My sweet little "laundry" area, where guests could customize baby an outfit using iron-on fabric appliqués.

Take out boxes (from World Market) for extra food to be taken home, as I did for Mr. B's 40th birthday party.
Now, back to cooking the little bun in this oven here...
    Sorry. Cheesy, I know, but I just had to... couldn't resist :-)

Para uma versão em português da festa, clique aqui.

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