Monday, December 7, 2015

Retro Playful Christmas Party - Happy Holidays!

This year we had a small and cozy family get together to kickstart the holiday season.
We picked a quiet Sunday afternoon in early December and aimed for a no-fuss yet delicious, healthy and sophisticated menu.
Little bites sure to please any big crowd!
I love finger foods because you have the freedom to try different flavors while mingling and moving around without the need for plates or utensils. Plus, I get to play with finding whimsical "packages" to serve or display the small bites. 
One good example are these phyllo dough pre-baked shells that, for a quick appetizer, I love to fill with a combination of soft cheeses, nuts and a sweet element - chutneys, jams, fresh, dried or cooked fruit, maple syrup, honey…

Antique espresso cups and plastic soup spoons are great food vessels as well

These truffles are some of my favorites! They remind me so much of the coconut sweets called "beijinho" (little kiss) I had growing up in Brasil, which is pretty much a white chocolate-coconut version of the now famous "brigadeiro". But these truffles are way better, and they are actually superfoods! No, really. Ground coconut flakes, nut flours, cacao butter, coconut oil, maple syrup and sea salt. What's not to love?
Another healthy dessert that the kids devoured - egg, milk and butter-free dark chocolate mousse! The avocado lends a very welcome creaminess, but you can barely tell it's there. I added chopped toasted hazelnuts for a fun and contrasting crunch.

Super moist and tasty spiced pumpkin muffins translate so well the late-Fall and early-Winter season flavors!

Cranberry juice also brings the flavor and color of the season!
(nut) Milk for Santa to go with a big jar of assorted cookies!

We offered some white whole wheat "Cookies for Santa" for guests to take home (but I really doubt they actually saved them for Christmas eve. Sorry, Santa.) 
Before they left, they wrote Santa Claus lovely notes and wish lists on "Dear Santa" postcards from my printables Retro Christmas collection.
I hope you all have a fabulous and blessed holiday season, in any way you wish to call and celebrate it!


  1. That is so lovely Retro Playful Christmas Party!! The decoration took my heart away. Truly, you decorated everything so creatively that I could have never thought of. Brilliant job!! I would love to use some of your ideas for my upcoming holiday party.


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