Thursday, August 30, 2012

Martini Glass + Drink Recipe Card as a Bridal Shower Favor

This is a micro post about an idea for a bridal shower favor. Last year, long before I ever imagined creating a blog, I flew from coast to coast to attend one of my best friend's wedding. I wanted so much to be more involved on her special day, but distance (and a gigantic 8-month pregnant belly) prevented me from being more active in the events planning.  That's when I talked to some of our friends and we decided to throw her a "Lingerie Bridal Shower" the day before her wedding. One of our friends kindly offered her house, and I was in charge of some of the food and flowers. But I also wanted to send guests home with a little souvenir of the night (as I always do...) and I only had a few hours to pull it all together - come up with an idea, shop for and execute it. Enters one of my favorite stores: TJ Maxx. A light bulb switched in my mind and I was hoping to find some martini glasses for guests to use during the party and then take home with them. Again, the party gods were on my side - not only I found 3 sets of martini glasses (12 pieces total, being one of the boxes on sale!), but I also found a martini-shaped paper punch and some nice double-sided black & white scrap book paper! Moving on to the office supply store next door, where I found a silver marker and a spool of red ribbon.  Then I rushed back to my friend's house (with my then 3-year-old in tow) to open boxes, wash glasses, cut paper and ribbon, and assemble everything.  I tied a small piece of paper to the stem and on the front I wrote: "thank you" and the date. On the back, the recipe of the drink we were having at the shower.

Bonus: since I only used the "negative" side of the cutout paper for the drink tags, we sprinkled the "leftover" martini glass cutouts all over the table for some fun matching confetti.

So here it is: a quick, easy, useful, practical and darling way to show some love to your guests at a bridal shower, girls night out, birthday party, and even baby shower brunch (why not send guests home with a vintage teacup and saucer or a one-of-a-kind customized mug from the brunch? And then include some hot chocolate packets or homemade tea blend recipe to go with it.)

Happy partying, everyone!


  1. Thats such an innovative and creative idea! So simple too, i love it! Best wishes!

    -Solomon Berkovitch

  2. I like a very minimalist approach. No clutter and mono tones and clean lines. For some they like a lot of colors and all different types and styles of finishes and materials.

  3. Oi Flávia!!!

    Seu blog é liindo e super criativo!
    Me identifiquei bastante! AMO organizar festinhas :)
    Encontrei vc através do blog de Bonfa (outro blog suuuper legal!).

    Tenho uma perguntinha: onde vc encontrou esse punch do martine?! Me apaixonei!

    Beijocas e parabéns!

  4. Thank you all for the compliments! I hope I have inspired you as well :-)

  5. Oi Milena,
    Super obrigada pelos elogios! Com 2 meninos em casa o tempo todo, nem sempre tenho tempo (e energia!) pra colocar em prática todas as festas que gostaria, ou mesmo atualizar o blog com frequência, mas estou adorando poder contar um pouquinho dos "bastidores" de cada uma e trocar idéias com tanta gente criativa! O punch do martini foi uma grande sorte ter achado nessa rede de lojas aqui nos EUA, a TJ Maxx, como contei acima. Ele é da marca EK Success, e acabei de ver que ainda vende na Amazon:


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