Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sneak Peek at our Party Photo Booth

As if all the DYI projects on food and styling for this party wasn't enough, I came up with the idea of having a makeshift "photo booth" for guests of all ages to have fun with :-)  I purchased a large piece of yellow chevron fabric and wrapped it around a coat rack for a nice backdrop.  The wooden frames are from Michael's, which I painted in fuchsia and white patina.
Most of the costume props I already had on hand from past Halloweens and "Carnavais". I made colored paper "mustaches & smiles" and glued them onto barbecue skewers.

The back of the "photo booth" also served as a rack for my sons' older costumes.  I added a few more feminine accessories, like fairy wings and princess tiaras for the ladies as well. Recognize the Elvis costume from Gabriel's 3rd birthday party?  He still wears it on occasion...
My mom had this wonderful idea of displaying some pictures taken at the "photo booth" to break the ice and motivate our guests to play along.  So I convinced my beloved family members to dress up with some of the outfits and took a few snapshots.  Then I "framed" them digitally to look as if they were taken by an old Polaroid instant camera.  
I arranged the pictures by pinning them to the curtain using the clothespins I decorated with assorted chevron washi tape (see previous post here.)
 This was probably the project that was the most fun to tackle!
These super cool downloadable polaroid frames were courtesy of Smaragd.
Thank you so much for sharing!

*Update: I just found these great tips on how to set up a DIY party photo booth like mine here.  

Have fun!!


  1. Flave, vou postar a notinha amanhã, tá? ADOREI! Bjs!

  2. Flavia ideia muito bacana, e mais ainda vc ja deixar fotos para o pessoal se inspirar .



  3. Obrigada!! Gélia, eu quase desisti da idéia das fotos "pra motivar o pessoal", já que foi super em cima da hora e eu estava cheia de afazeres com a festa. Foi graças à minha mãe, que não só deu a idéia mas insistiu que eu arrumasse um tempinho pra botá-la em prática :-)

  4. Adoreiiiiiiiiii.. muito bacana!!!

  5. Flávia, qual a fonte que você usou para escrever Photo Booth? Ela fica parecendo que foi pintada a mão, certo?

    1. Oi Patrícia, a fonte é "Scribble Box". Não sei se dá pra entender, mas parece um "xadrez rabiscado à mão." Faz uma busca na internet por essa fonte, a versão "demo" baixei de graça. Beijos!!

  6. Oi Flávia,
    Quanta coisa linda vi aqui no teu blog!!! Que inspiração! Parabéns pelo bom gosto e capricho.


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