Sunday, January 1, 2012

What's brewing...Gabriel's 4th birthday Party

For my rapidly growing baby's 4th birthday party, we chose a 50's Diner & Soda Shop theme.
"Powered" by my own satisfaction with the previous invitations I designed myself (Halloween and Baby Shower), I got more ambitious this time around and here is the result! The colors of the party will be red and blue, plus the black and white checkered pattern honoring the traditional retro diner design. I printed them on card stock and stuffed these babes into blue envelopes to make sure all the colors were represented :-)
I found these free images online (actually icons), and after using some of them on the invitation, I though it would be a shame to waste the ones that couldn't fit into the card.

So I printed a few food icons and intend to use them to "mark" the foods on the table, as well as the milkshakes that will go into these mini bottles I kept from my baby shower.
Here are the food "flags" showing typical kids diner fare.
I made this banner with my new Martha Stewart round cutter and used Red & Aqua digital papers from Great Graphics. 
As party favors, we'll be giving retro gumball machines to our beloved guests
Retro Kitchen Timer Clock in turquoise
I was visiting my in-laws in Florida last Thanksgiving, and one of the things I love to do when I'm there is to explore flea markets, thrift and antique shops.  This time around, I had "retro" and "diner" on my mind and was sooooo lucky to have found this gumball machine to serve as a "centerpiece" for the party favors table display.  Score!!

Once I set them all up, I noticed something was missing... oh yeah, a little tag to cover the gum's brand name.

Adorable cake server from Etsy!
50s plastic glasses for the kids (and adults as well!) to wear at the party and then to take home. For the boy glasses I added a white tape for that "nerd" look.
I needed a traditional diner napkin holder, but didn't want to buy one for a single-use only... Then I remembered I had one with a design by Valérie Nylin.  A few coats of red paint later, it was ready to go!
To keep up with the takeout tradition, I decided to do something a little different, yet consistent with what a takeout box looked like at a traditional diner.  So, I went on a big search for aluminum pans with board lids that I could customize.
I covered them with fabric in different patterns of aqua and red, added a ribbon and "Thank you/Obrigado" tags on top.

I thought the "party gods" were on my side when I went to Michael's to return some supplies and found these reusable totes at their dollar bin... They will be perfect for guests to carry their favors, take out and more fun stuff home!
Stay tuned for the next post about the big day!!


  1. I simply LOVE your parties!!!!!! I wish I could go!!



    Crazy 'Bout Nails Blog

  2. Parabéns pelo blog, Flávia. Sigo a Katia e adoro quando ela mostra as coisas que você faz. Vocês são super criativas e nos deixa muito inspiradas sempre. Bjus.

    1. Obrigada Maria e Marcelle!! Sejam bem-vindas ;-)

  3. Flave, ficou liiiiindo!!!!! Ah, que legal essa festa! O tema é super criativo e original! Vou divulgar seu post! Amei!!!!!

  4. Irmã de ´peixe, peixinha é...linda festa!Parabéns!

  5. Ficou lindo demais... amei...
    sigo o blog da Bonfa e ano passado a festa estava divina e esse ano nao deixou a peteca cair hein?

  6. Linda festa! Parabéns pelo capricho!

  7. Obrigada, meninas!! Depois de todo o trabalho, e sempre uma delicia essa recompensa :-) Depois posto o dia da festa com mais detalhes. Beijos!

  8. Adooro!Lembra quando eramos crianças e você assinava como fadinha? Você é mesmo uma fada! Seu bom gosto, criatividade, capricho e carinho são sua magia. Lindo seu trabalho!Um abração carinhoso da sua amiga de infância.

  9. Nossa, lembro sim, querida! Acho que foi a Paula quem me deu esse apelido... ou foram os meninos... nem me lembro :-) Muito obrigada pelos elogios tão carinhosos (e generosos!) Muitas saudades da minha querida amiga!!

  10. Oi Flavia ja tinha visto sua festa no blog da Katia e em outro blog estrangeiro que eu não lembro o nome, Parabéns tudo esta lindo...é uma festa realmente diferente.


    Gélia Carvalho


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