Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

When I heard about the traditional Halloween celebration on Belvedere Street, I knew that that's where we would be trick or treating this year. But before venturing into the crowded streets, I thought we could have some friends over so we could talk, the kids could play and we could also prepare ourselves for the chilly weather outside by filling up on some snacks and a warming glass of wine.

We came up with this idea only days before Halloween and when I hit the stores for decoration, everything was already picked over. So I had to let go of many of the ideas I had in mind for setting the table... I went through my apartment looking for inspiration and found an old black table runner, some Halloween confetti, food picks and cupcake toppers (which I had purchased the previous year on sale after Halloween) and a roll of gauze from the medicine cabinet. Combined with a few metal serving pieces, mission was accomplished.This is a little cool trick I saw on a Martha Stewart Living magazine (or was it online?) Simple and very affordable, yet, so clever: burn a red candle on top of some regular white taper candles and let the melted wax drip to the sides of it, for a "bloody" effect. I even got the husband to help with this little project :-)I think the only things I really had to buy were the red taper candle and some plastic mice (I really wanted cockroaches and spiders, but hey, beggars can't be choosers, right?)I found the metal pumpkin candle holders at TJ Maxx (one of my favorite stores - you need to do a little "hunting" sometimes, but it is oh-so-worthy!)

Pumpkin-nut muffins fresh out of the oven Pesto Chicken Meatballs with some happy jack-o'-lantern picks

Para uma versão em português da festa, clique aqui.

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